How to Shop

Step 1: Choosing of products and insert to cart

 Výběr zboží

Search and choose a product you want to buy.

Add chosen product to kart by ‘’Add to kart’’ button. When you are already finished with shopping, go to Step 2, Checkout.


Step 2: Checkout


You have several options:

  • Sign up if you’re already registered.
  • Register yourself if you have not shopped in here yet.
  • Continue as a „host“ if you don’t want to register yourself.

Step 3: Billing information and shipping address

  1. Fill up billing address. Self-employers and companies have to fill up their VAT number or CRN (company registration number).
  2. Move to the next step.
  3. Choose shipping address (only when its different from billing address).
  4. Continue to the next step

Použít tuto adresu

Step 4: Choose your shipping method

Choose the type and shipping method and continue.


Step 5: Payment method

Choose required payment method.


Step 6: Order review and confirmation

Please check again all the details, shipping and paying method. Continue to place order if all details are correct.

Dokončit objednávku

Your order has been placed. Please write down number of your order.

Thank you for shopping with us.